We Can Break Free of Race Grievance Treachery (Part 4 of 4)


“We do not live in the Past, but the Past in Us.”- U. B. Phillips

Choice: America is the most religiously plural, ethnically diverse, and socially mobile culture to arise in recorded history. The group that suffered sacrificially to insure these freedoms for all groups now denies the most precious of these to its own members. Its members must subscribe to a strict political orthodoxy and maintain a relationship with other groups that presuppose their ongoing victimization. All groups must disavow Race Grievance hustlers and advocate abiding respect for personal choice.

Equality: Human’s have both the largest brains and correspondingly broad and divergent interests by which to tax them. These interests are influenced and nurtured by diverse social and cultural imperatives, personal experiences, and talents. It is therefore unfathomable that those sharing similar influences would be expected to possess or pursue the same interests in identical proportions as those sharing different influences. Where influence converges, more often interests converge. Equality reflects ones right to pursue their personal interests, however it is not a measure of their success.

Feminism: Modern feminist dogma presented gender as a social construct. It assured women that despite career conflicts and biological clock issues, the feminist model would lead to more fulfilling relationships, not a battle of the sexes that no one would win. Feminism was particularly discordant for groups operating, often by necessity, in matriarchal models. All must recognize that men and women are equally gifted, talented, and deserving, yet they often possess different inspiration and aspirations. Femininity and masculinity both rock absent prefabricated agendas and limitations.

Standards: There are any number of products considered to be the class of their industry, some of which can also be directly associated with a particular group; “get theirs it’s the best”. The same can be said of functional and intellectual value added services; “hire them, they know how to handle it”. There are also groups that inspire mistrust and lack of confidence. Being the standard of one area delivers collateral benefits to other areas of endeavor; standards rarely succumb to pricing. No group can prosper without continually striving for standard status.

Civility: While youth should be afforded a right and time of passage, there are boundaries. Superfluous profanity, music containing explicit lyrics, invasive verbal levels, inappropriate public discussions, and confiscation of commercial facilities for other than their intended purpose, are vulgar displays of personal insecurity. Mutual disrespect is not the new civility. Consideration takes both personal confidence and courage.

Spirituality: Morality cannot be discerned by referendum or analysis of the benefits arising from specific human interaction and behavior. All people are endowed with an inalienable moral imperative, resisting and enforcing their strongest and most urgent inclinations. However, morality has two conflicted sources of inspiration, one based on truth, and the other on deception. Discernment is only possible in the light of relationship and revelation with the Creator.

We Can Break Free of Race Grievance Treachery (Part 3 of 4)


 “Truth crushed to the earth, will rise again”— Martin Luther King Jr.

 Pandemic Crime: Parents, family, and friends suffer unimaginable pain and anguish over the loss of a loved one, especially at the hands of another. One group has a murder rate many times higher than that of all other groups combined. The same group commits all but a small percent of violent interracial crimes and many times more robberies than any other group. As a result of such staggering disparities, virtually all young men in this group evoke apprehension and suffer the embarrassment of otherwise unwarranted suspicion. All Americans (Black, White, Hispanic, Asian…), to include Race Grievance hustlers, profile this group in some manner or another.

Evergreen Excuses: One argument advanced by Race Grievance hustlers to explain why one group is vastly over represented among the criminally incarcerated, suggest it is due to the groups disproportionate drug related arrest and prosecution. This is a baseless argument; eliminating consideration of drug related incarcerations (already dramatically reduced by previous prosecutorial referendums) only nominally reduces the group’s highly disproportionate representation. Nevertheless, such claims actually float race hustler boats; blaming others for a particular groups behavior or circumstances is critical to race hustler’s grievance underwritten strategy.

Exposing Race Hustlers or Accepting Personal Responsibility are considered Treason

Fabricated Integrity: In 1950, three-fourths of one group’s families had two parents, but by 2012 the share had fallen to about one-fourth. Yet today it is not unusual to know men from this group, who have fathered multiple children with multiple women, without having ever materially participated in parenting or financially supporting any of them. These same men (counterfeit “ballers”) expect other men to be complicit in their deception (“the man code”) as they seek to victimize the next woman. No wonder women of this and other groups largely mistrust men, particularly from this group.

Deserted Values: Disingenuous treatment and vastly unqualified partner options, have led more women to embrace the High Bidder relationship model. In this model the opening bid by a male suitor can be as low as a supply of baby formula or help with a past due utility bill, or as high as a pair of Ugg boots or Christian Louboutin pumps. Sadly, many High Bidders, to which men of this group often add an additional “B”: are mothers who live with their mothers, invest unwisely in chic fashion, park their vintage cars around the corner out of view of the Club, and suffer such low emotional self-esteem that indigent sperm donor only baby-daddies are welcome suitors.

Crippled Dreams: Dreams provide covering to encapsulate cores comprised of personal talents, goals, preparation, sacrifice, and persistence; dreams are both essential and fragile. The impersonal nature of today’s android like social media and sexual hookup culture, further diminish beneficial shared values and blur essential precepts underlying relational integrity. No wonder dream sabbaticals and dream hopping have supplanted a discernible sense of purpose and destiny.

Yes-We-Can has to be Remixed to include more No-We-Won’t