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W. Cedric Johnson is a senior business executive, applied scientist, and mathematician. He is uniquely experienced in the design and development of complex systems. For more than twenty years he served as founder and CEO of an applied sciences firm supporting high technology projects and programs from its twenty-one national and international offices. He has been granted many patents in the field of computing, communications, multimedia, and transaction security, and numerous awards presented to businesses in this class, to include Technology Firm of the year. Today he leads a highly distinguished collaboration of world-class mathematicians and computer scientist productizing a fundamental breakthrough in applied cryptography. He is a thought leader and preeminent developer of network centric cryptographic technology critical to both National Security and the Democratization of Privacy. Mr. Johnson has served as a Director and Adviser to numerous public and private corporations, government agencies and non-profit organizations. He is the author of many articles and commentaries, and speaks on issues related to technology, education, religion and culture. Educated in the public school system and at highly regarded private colleges, he remains a voracious reader and dialectically adventurous. Not surprisingly he is often challenged to reconcile apparent conflicts between science and theology; Mr. Johnson consistently affirms three cardinal principles: The material universe was designed by an intelligent beginner, and is the product of a first cause event from great nothingness. It is unfathomably perfect, reflecting both the grandeur and majesty of its creator. It evidences natural laws of cause and effect, and others that reveal a material universe sustained by transcendent authority. Man is a relationally conjoined troika: a temporal corporeal body, and eternal non-material invested soul and spirit, reflecting the image of the Creator. Man was terminally estranged from the Creator by bent of the free-will choices of his aboriginal ancestors, which relationship and standing were fully and freely restored by the atoning gift of Christ the Son of God. The Creators Word illuminates rather than censors his worldview and commentary, and precludes his unconditional embrace of red, blue, black, white, conservative, liberal, libertarian, left, right, or center inspired orthodoxy. “I am compelled to discern the intractable relationships of truth and love from deception and fear”. It's best to stay in touch with both sides of an issue. A person who fears God deals responsibly with all of reality, not just a piece of it. Ecclesiastes 7:18 Mr. Johnson is an exercise enthusiast, accomplished songwriter, arranger, and woodwind player; other interests include global economics, culture, and travel. He is father of three adult children, and resides in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Ahab Begot Jezebel : Discerning Deception and Delusion – Part 2 of 4


And Elijah came unto all the people, and said, how long halt ye between two opinions…

and the people answered him not a word – 1 Kings 18: 21

Jezebels are the boots who march to the beat of their Ahabs brokenness. To overthrow Jezebels destructive campaign, one must engage the source from which she draws sustenance, rather than the infidelity of her counterfeit authority. Assault in the natural by wrong words and actions, are impotent against spiritual immorality and deception. A battle in the natural against spiritual forces will have tragic consequences for such ill-advised combatants. All must maintain prescient awareness that Jezebel is first and foremost a spirit as opposed to only a personality.

Jezebel’s embrace of counterfeit authority took flight on the wings of immorality loyal to deception, but now spiritual delusion maintains her purge of the truth. Blinded by the applause of the spiritually deluded, she believes herself to be all-knowing and all-powerful, and her authority to be authentic. Disavowing that she is actually the progeny of Ahab, Jezebel considers Ahab to possess scant potential for accomplishments of note that are not facilitated by her. Ahabs disavow the mutuality of their delusion until the arrow of misadventure penetrates the very gift he sought to surrender to Jezebel.

Jezebels possess unique reptilian qualities, but you can’t kill a Jezebel by simply severing the head of Ahab. Unlike reptiles whose regenerative powers exclude the head, Jezebel is capable of beguiling the spiritually vulnerable into supporting a new titular head she endorses. His given name might be Ahaziah, but his aversion to accountability is even more potent than that of Ahab. Ahaziah functions in even less relational balance with Jezebel than had Ahab. Neither Ahaziah nor his conscripted supporters eschew the delusional ethos of Jezebel or the fatal spiritual consequences of her deception.

Minds blinded by spiritual delusion often manifest what might appear to be spiritual vision, giftedness, and human compassion. Darkness searches out others it can similarly addict to the same elixir of deception. Only hearts that embrace spiritual truth can discern such spiritual delusion. Ones true nature is undeniably revealed by the standard established by the Savior Himself; you shall know them by their fruits. Spiritual diminishment and discord are signatures of deception, whereas spiritual growth and harmony are fruits indicative of commitment to divine truth in operation.

Failure to operate with spiritual discernment exposes every man and woman to the same deception governing Ahab and Jezebel. Whether person or faction, sharing power, providing cooperation, or extending consideration to an Ahab or Jezebel, constitutes spiritual opposition to the Kingdom of God. Though knowledgeable of spiritual truth, immorality advocates aperitifs of deception, where after delusion certifies and facilitates operations in the natural realm that war against the authority of God and His Kingdom. Ahabs and Jezebels know what spirit they operate in, and so must you.

Ahab Begot Jezebel : Immorality Loyal to Deception – Part 1 of 4


    So she [Jezebel] wrote letters in Ahab’s name, placed his seal on them, and sent them

to the elders and nobles – 1 Kings 21: 8

Whether natural or spiritual, conception requires a seed and first cause event. There can never be sunrise or sunset absent sunlight and planetary rotation. There can never be progress absent objective and initiative. There can never be choice absent the right and capacity for free election. There can never be accountability absent responsibility and immutable authority. There can never be a Jezebel absent commission and sanction; all Jezebels, no matter their pre-existing potential are foremost the progeny of Ahabs.

While the disastrous impact of classical Jezebels is well chronicled, how Jezebels attain their thrones of misadventure is seldom scrutinized. Ahabs and Jezebels may be the progeny of aberrant emotional and circumstantial conditioning: adolescents unduly influenced by decidedly matriarchal family structures or denied maternal approval and acceptance. While Ahab can ignite the Jezebel potential in an otherwise disinclined women, a couple so predisposed harbors great potential for treachery and betrayal.

Ahab and Jezebel may at times exhibit a form of giftedness exercised for the benefit of others, yet the discontinuity that undergirds both their effort and inaction is disquieting. The attraction entrapping them is neither authentically romantic nor conventionally social, its inspiration derives from premeditated unethicalness, the spirit of immorality. Conflicted worldview, intellectual, and cultural cues are insufficient to either illuminate or dissuade their pernicious addiction to one another. Tragically for those subject to their influence or leadership, Ahab and Jezebel are devout patrons of deception.

Throughout the Eden era, Prophetic age, to more recent contemporary periods, Jezebels have been presumed to be scandalous and self-inspired. In reality, Jezebels are the boots who march to the beat of their Ahab’s brokenness. Ahab’s aversion to accountability gestates in Jezebel a compulsion to assume responsibility for that which she possesses no authority. Blinded by deception, neither appreciates that Ahab can forfeit his authority, but cannot delegate it. Jezebel confiscates counterfeit authority, for which she must become adroit at both beguiling subterfuge (BS) and spiritual deception.

Jezebel exudes an aura of all knowingness and all powerfulness, beguiling those lacking spiritual discernment. Jezebel craves adulation for herself not Ahab. Jezebel: drives Ahab to attain possessions and positions that enhance her personal prestige, subsumes community accomplishments for her personal glorification, and demands financial tribute to nourish her unquenchable appetite for treasure. Jezebel only destroys, while Ahab lashes out in anger to ventilate that his lament cannot comfort.

When mortally wounded in their death chariots or on their death beds, Ahabs experience their last opportunity for clarity and spiritual redress regarding the tragic consequences of their own creation; Jezebel.

Undermining Jurisdiction of Choice, Privacy, and Oversight


 The Objectives of the few are clear; the Dangers to the many remain obfuscated

Part I of VI: Fear and Greed share a Common Convention – Acquisition

Catastrophic security breaches (subversion, surveillance, espionage, impersonation, and piracy) abound, impacting every network connected user class (portal, enterprise, small and medium business, and consumer). Yet, there are three things government and certain businesses don’t want anyone (e.g. constituents and clients) other than themselves to control jurisdiction of: choice (who), privacy (what), and oversight (consent).

The fact that choice, privacy, and oversight, share an overarching bond is not surprising. However, revelation of the allegiance between government and business that supplants this bond should be alarming. Government professes its principle interest to be national security. Business professes its principle interest to be compliance with the law.

For many, global communications networks represent a means to dispossess inefficiencies in knowledge and resource distribution. For a few, they represent a means of pervasive and covert surveillance. Recent disclosures indicate government has broadened its infiltration, while business continues to bolster profits. These fear and greed inspired missions require the few to resist the desires of the many to directly control choice, privacy, and oversight.

Part II of VI: Boundless Greed is a Patron of Bounded Fear – Collaboration

Whether covert government surveillance programs are constitutional and sufficiently proficient to discern nefarious intents is subject (bounded) to adjudication in accordance with democratically established conventions; if necessary, government actions may even be redirected. Understandably, business largely refrains from discussion of its evergreen (boundless) interests in access to client information used for commercial advantages. Both parties consider direct choice, privacy, and oversight to directly controvert their interests.

Neither government nor business is immune to the temptation to potentially know all. No matter the intensity of public protest and histrionics by business regarding government surveillance demands, their corporate behavior disavows the mutual identity of interests they allege with clients. Absent the restraint of direct choice, privacy, and oversight, all knowing has always given rise to attempts to realize more if not total control.

Part III of VI: Fear and Greed are supported by all Network Provider Classes – Facilitation

Service Providers, e.g. Internet Portals, often require users to authorize access to their personal information: email, voice mail, messages, text, tweets, searches, contacts, calendars, photos, and control of location, camera and video recorder functions. Device Providers, e.g. Smartphones and Tablets, and Mobile O/S Providers, are capable of covertly survieiling device resident user data, e.g. fingerprint and pass code files, no matter their protest to the contrary. Resource Providers, e.g. data centers, who store, and process multiple users information, enable broad one-stop attack opportunities. Communications Service Providers, e.g. Cable and Telecos, are meta data treasure troves for interlopers.

Part IV of VI: Fear and Greed Champion Inferior Security Technology – Equivocation

Service and Resource Providers have appointed themselves as trusted-third-parties, to protect client data from others while preserving access for themselves; such access is essentially unrelated to user security. However, access to such information is extremely valuable to Big Data and Analytics enterprises, both are new high margin network centric growth businesses. New Disintermediation services, e.g. transaction providers who require access to users personal credit card and banking information, are actually trusted-third-parties, who also evidence Big Data and Analytics enterprise potential.

Device (OEM) have limited influence regarding security. Mobile O/S Providers are actually the self-appointed trusted-third-parties, who determine with what apps and which service providers privately purchased devices may engage, and what royalty must be paid. This control is only marginally related to user security, but it is central to the gatekeeper strategy of a powerful Mobile Architecture Oligopoly.

It is alleged that Government, to include agencies charged to act as trusted-third-parties of Standards in the public’s interest, conspired to diminish the effectiveness of certain security technology and products. Further, well-known trusted-third-party Communications Service Providers substantially facilitate government’s Surveillance initiatives.

Part V of VI: How to Demystify Fear and Uncloak Greed – Disclosure and Education

While there are a number of impediments to direct control of choice (who), privacy (what), and oversight (consent), several are formidable. Resistance by government and business (inspired by fear and greed) are empowered by strategic denial and tactical silence. User indifference is sustained by lack of appreciation for potentially catastrophic but unintended consequences. Fear and greed can only be demystified and uncloaked by judicious disclosure and sober education. The fourth estate has failed unequivocally in this regard.

Part VI of VI: How to Thwart Fear and Throttle Greed – Technology and Determination

Network Centric tasks and sessions are currently supported by: a Digital Ecosystem e.g. all user classes, infrastructure, devices, apps, and data, and a Digital Monoculture comprised of integrated processes that preserve resource interoperability. Digital Jurisdiction e.g. direct control of choice, privacy, and oversight, requires a security technology breakthrough.

The rapidly advancing capabilities of friends and foe to surveil – where you’ve been and with whom, what you saw, what you said, what you did – and to impersonate you, has inspired ample determination across all user classes: portal, enterprise, small-medium business, and consumers. Insufficiently informed, resistance remains unfocused and easily rebuffed.

 Only User Controlled Jurisdiction can overcome Acquisition, Collaboration, Facilitation, and Equivocation

Because You Are Far More Than A Valentine


The self cannot be itself if it does not grow, and for a creature made in the image of God,
to grow is to love…Eugene Peterson

When one deeply in love with another, begins to describe with passionate appreciation what has been unnoticed or ignored by others, some are sure to dismiss such words on the pretext that, “Love is blind”. They mean that love diminishes our capacity to see what is actually there. They mean that fantasy, tailor-made to fit ones desires, has been projected on another, making him or her acceptable as a lover. The cynical follow-up to this view is that whether one is the giver or object of such affections, were one to see the other truly, they would never get involved.

While a popular saying, as popular sayings so often are, this one is wrong. Love opens eyes. It is fear and hurt that blind. Love enables one to see what has been there all along but was overlooked in haste or indifference. Love corrects astigmatism so that what was distorted in selfishness and the need for control inspired by insecurity, is now perceived accurately and appreciatively. Love cures shortsightedness, so that the blur of a relationship that should have been can be seen in wondrous new focus. Love also cures farsightedness so that opportunities for intimacy transcend expedient emotional release, becoming multifaceted blessed occasions of mutual invitation and discovery.

Foremost, true love always draws our attention to Christ who has no cultural or political swagger with which to capture our attention, and no beauty that would cause us to crave His attention. In Him we see the only one among the sons of men free of bias, dishonesty, and injustice; a vessel of truth dedicated to the will of God the Father. This love penetrates the defenses of spiritual darkness, the patron of deception that deceives us into embracing impotent god rivaling enlightenment and self-sufficiency.

While there are many belief systems and belief-free persuasions, only one reveals and redeems the life created by God specifically for love, at no costs to the recipient other than yes!

So no matter what I say, what I believe, and what I do,
I’m bankrupt without [this] love…1 Corinthians 13:3



Timeless and Stateless Power to Invigorate Truth and Deception

Woman was last on a short list of that affirmed as perfect: perfect heavens, perfect earth, perfect man and woman; it would be necessary to expand the list by at least one.

With scant dissent, the global community of physicists and cosmologists agree that the random advent of the heavens and earth has a likeliness of 1 chance in 10, raised to the 10th power, then raised to the 123rd power, e.g. impossible; these specific conditions are essential to sustains life. Frustrated by intractable impossibility, some biologists (short on science) and psychologists (long on induction) now argue that the heavens and earth, like their position regarding the advent of life, are also the products of natural selection.

The former group describes spirituality as a necessary dimension, without concluding inter-dimensionality (confluence of spiritual and natural realms) infers anthropological relationship. The latter group describes spirituality as a contradiction of reason. Advances in quantum science continue to narrow the inter-dimensionality divide, calling into question which group’s claims are more scientific and which are more philosophical. Many openly affirm the relationship between the heavens, earth, and life; they also affirm the obvious discontinuity of their origins. Science can never repudiate truth.

No matter the philosophical defamation of the author of the heavens, earth, and sentient life, the quantum (timeless and stateless) power of affirmation evidences intelligent intent. Affirmation powerfully and uniquely invigorates the mutuality of relationship and companionship. Roused from twilight sleep, man was indelibly imprinted by the comprehensive perfection of his new companion; there was no need to Google her Myers-Briggs type, peruse her Facebook friends, or review her Instagram Red Carpet photos. What some credit to chemistry, others credit to inter-dimensional affirmation.

Man, the corporeal-synaptic enabled guardian of quantum powered affirmation declared, “you are my sentient simpatico, and your curves set all my desires on fire”. The man’s inelegant but affirming words indelibly imprinted the woman. Whether the most gifted or least talented, it remains imperative that a woman adores the her that is her true self. Whether the most powerful or least influential, it remains imperative that a man consider the impact of his words on the abiding love of a woman, and the self-confidence and emotional stability of his offspring. Affirmation indelibly imprints.

The quantum power of affirmation is unambiguous, never straddling the fence; its purview is immutably androgynous, going both ways. Affirmation is as incontrovertible as is its purpose to powerfully invigorate truth. However, the power of affirmation to invigorate deception is incontrovertible and lethal. Affirmation permeates: prohibition and liberty, vision and discouragement, the credible and dubious. Affirmation infuses life-preserving initiative and life-extinguishing disillusion. Absent discernment, aberrant affirmation inspires greed, intransigence and self-righteous conflict.

The slide from perfection began when deception, having its own diabolical source of spiritual inspiration, affirmed fear, jealousy, and ultimately death. Few today recognize the calamitous potential of aberrant affirmation. After each calamity experts routinely determine the callous misadventure to have been circumstantially or environmentally induced. To acknowledge the underlying cause as aberrant affirmation (diabolically inspired words lorded over cultural, political, religious, and economic dependents) infers inter-dimensionality. Any such inference calls into question the incoherent discontinuity argument: estrangement of the origin of the heavens and earth, from the origin of life.

Affirming prohibition and liberty matters. People are actually served and nurtured by transcendently affirmed prohibitions, the scope of which are minuscule when compared to the breathe of transcendently affirmed liberty. Affirming vision and preparation matters. True vision exists in a realm that only spiritual agency can illuminate, whereas preparation is the hands-on and intellectually engaged process by which we overcome circumstances and discouragement. Process and illumination bring the who of you into balance with the what inspired by vision. Inter-dimensionality is transcendent and pragmatic; vision conceived in the spirit must ultimately be gestated in the natural.

Discerning what’s being affirmed, truth or deception, matters most. The truth has its own power, derived from the same point of origin as affirmation; the beneficial yield often lasts a lifetime. While campaigning as a devoted champion of truth, deception only affirms malevolent affections and fraudulent authority; its destructive yield often lasts generations. Those who appreciate the quantum power of affirmation must also recognize the abhorrent consequences of surrendering discernment for the camaraderie and convenience of fashionable orthodoxy.

Parents and teachers, who affirm the nascent and sober interests of children, light a fire difficult for circumstances or adversity to extinguish. Parents and teachers, who affirm children’s foibles as harbingers, suffocate their potential and self-confidence long before signal challenges are encountered. Clergy, who yield to the temptation to affirm social, cultural, and personal points of view without vetting their veracity and doctrinal integrity, pose a serious danger to the laity and themselves.

As it was in the beginning – individuals, businesses, institutions and nations, knowingly abuse the power of affirmation for material gain and psychological control. Abusers abound: e.g. spokespersons and salespersons who fraudulently affirm product and service attributes, politicians and activist who affirm positions for expediency, and institutions that affirm information on the basis of the leverage afforded to them. Polling and referendum pose the latest menace, presuming to affirm an opinion as incisiveness and a narrow majority as an urgent mandate.

Cogent inquiry reveals that what appears to be aberrant affirmation addiction is in reality virulent inter-dimensionality resistance.

The Google God and Facebook Faith


 Dare to Defriend and Not Know

The Google god is not an archetype, neither does it profess or possess any creative potentiality. The transcendence of the Google god derives from its archival and bridling of big data by the wisdom of referendum; transcendence rises and falls along with the page rank of the petition, called a search in Google theology. Like the torch, kerosene lamp, and light bulb before it, the Google god illuminates, but it is the only one of the four with potential for unintended and unperceived self-deception. While the Google god invites seekers to be omnipresently informed, it can’t prevent the onset of superficial omniscience or vaporous illusions of intellectual omnipotence.

For many, the Google god’s prolific ability to connect the curious with dynamic facts and figures, and to transport knowledge and perception from oblivion to digital presence, is in fact god-like. So prescient is the Google god, discerning how and why seems no more ambitious than simply discerning when and where. Impressed with the Google god’s apparent proficiency, many discount the reality that this digital matchmaker frequently traffics in unsubstantiated and unqualified references. In the absence of cogent inquiry, experience, and vetted source materials, indeterminate references beget errant inference, which beget twins: context free supposition and beguiling subterfuge (BS).

The Google god satisfies the most pernicious itch of the age, instant gratification. With no more than a few keystrokes or smartphone swipes, the Google god is presumed to confer sufficient acuity so as to challenge a bonfire of experience with no more than factoid marinated kindling. Bonfire informed diagnoses by board certified physicians, are often impugned by patients intoxicated by context free web factoids. Nevertheless, the Google god’s standing remains undiminished; instant gratification syndrome derives from the disposition of the seeker, not premeditated technology treachery.

Instant gratification often manifests rudiments of narcissism. Instant gratification narcissism craves presently unattainable personal accomplishment and unmerited relationship fidelity. However, one needn’t commiserate, Facebook Faith considered the ultimate in affirming social agency, is available over-the-keyboard. Facebook Faith allows the offline you, to create and nurture an otherwise unattainable online you. While gods normally do the creating, Facebook Faith also exhibits transcendent god-like power; it allows you to create a virtual autobiographical you, in your own imagined image.

The first fracture in the Facebook Faith continuum occurs when you can no longer ascertain which is the corporeal-synaptic you, the one in front of the screen or the one on the screen. You needn’t worry; by the power of Facebook Faith, you can turn the on screen you, into the you the you in front of the screen prefers, thus eliminating the confusion of who’s who. Facebook Faith clearly evidences pandemic potential; friends beget followers, who beget instagrams, well known side affects of digital narcissism.

Instant gratification narcissism addicts insist on knowing, seeing, acquiring, and being in the now. The addicted can be seen everywhere peering hypnotically into small mobile anti-social electronic prostheses. Instant gratification narcissism inspired by Facebook Faith evidences an incontrovertible progression:

Stage 1: The on screen you deprives the corporeal-synaptic you of informed emotional feedback.

Stage 2: Both you and your on screen friends are overwhelmed creating more endearing versions of your on screen selves.

Stage 3: Disengaging from the screen no longer returns you to the potent presence of your corporeal-synaptic self.

Stage 4: The corporeal-synaptic you craves tactile and emotional contact, but has little inter-personal skill by which to socially engage others.

Facebook Faith leaves the corporeal and digital you in the now but more isolated and emotionally estranged than ever. You are an un-convicted co-conspirator in your own scripted digital autobiography. In this now, dispassionate hook-ups stand in for the tedious thrill of discovery and romance. In this now there is no growth borne on the seas of rejection or impetuous unexplainable embrace.

Evidencing a mutual identity of interests, the Google god and Facebook Faith prophesy a paradise of social and professional connectivity, personal enlightenment, and endless engagement with a variety of new friends and interests. However, in this paradise where intimacy varies in accordance with flexible privacy settings, you’ve somehow and for some reason become praise addicted and easily insulted. Because there are many more digital-incantations than corporeal-synaptic you, your emotional state requires continuous dynamic recalibration; you confuse yourself and others.

The only you that matters possesses an essential essence that can only be touched where the virtuous and immoral you coalesce, the soul. There you may be disconnected yet engaged, informed but disinterested, ungrateful but nevertheless accountable, unapologetically entitled but neither presumptive nor dismissive; here there is no judgment. This is the place where the creator embraces you in love that preserves intimacy, where faith imparts truth and light that enables desire to court conviction, and where true friends summon you to be no more or no less than the one and only you.

Dare to defriend and not know.


At the Cross Roads of Light and Darkness

At the Cross Roads of Light and Darkness

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places

While hate and corruption are the progenitors of misunderstanding and exigent circumstances, here cause and effect have their genesis in different realms. Though composed as misunderstanding and exigent circumstances in the natural realm, hate and corruption are nevertheless the offspring of evil, which has its genesis in the spirit realm. No matter the realm of origin, metamorphous from like inspiration to like expression is immutable.

The spirit realm is comprised of multiple imperishable dimensions, operating in parallel with the natural realm. The natural realm is comprised of three specific temporal dimensions providing both visibility and tactility. Confining belief to only what can be seen or held defrauds life of its immeasurably abundant potential. The consequential sense of limitation and unquenchable dissatisfaction, is both un-natural and un-spiritual.

Evil has a spirit realm advocate whose very substance of existence is fear, which can only be resisted in the realm of its genesis. Evil cannot be abated by political, social, economic, psychological, or religious tonics; natural realm intervention is impotent against spiritual agency. The ability of evil inspired in the spirit realm to perpetrate in the natural realm is facilitated by deception. Further, the devastating weapon of deception takes advantage of the most powerful delivery system in the universe, words. By this means, evil attained dominion of the natural realm.

The universal sovereign, whose very substance of existence is love, has already defeated the advocate of evil in the spirit realm, and endowed a new natural realm weapon, truth. Truth has its own formidable power, capable of thwarting both fear and deception. However, truth cannot be discerned or engaged by intellectual, clinical, analytical or heuristic assessment. Inseparable, truth and love culminate in unbounded liberty and abundant life, nourished in spiritual Light. Fear and deception culminate in the illusion of control, ignorance illuminated by spiritual Darkness.

In the natural realm darkness seeks to suborn the conscience of the influential and powerful, and to beguile all into false confidence. The witting and unwitting agents of darkness are actually victims, addicted to deception and disinclined to truth. These victims declare the spirit realm a fantasy province, and evil agency a phantom companion of the gullible. Pronouncements pertaining to spirit realm principles have been declared politically incorrect and even illegal in some jurisdictions; spiritual province and agency may only be embraced privately and silently.

While the inferior Spirit of Darkness invades the mind, the superior Spirit of Light must be welcomed into the heart. This subconscious proximity is exploited by the inferior to impersonate the superior. Affirmations of conflicted aspirations abound; the spiritually inclined often live indistinguishably from the spiritually disinclined. No matter that the superior has bruised the head of the inferior, now under spirit realm house arrest, the merry-go-round of self-providence remains the bon vivant of the natural realm.

Deception and fear provide the primary seismic energy dismembering relationships between nations, cultures, orientations, and individuals, yet attention remains laser focused on hate and corruption, which are but transient aftershocks. Only those freely indwelled by the Spirit of Light can operate in unconditional love and discern truth. They must not and in fact cannot, surrender under the white flag of silence. There will be neither armistice nor détente between the natural realm ambassadors of spirit realm adversaries. The conflict is actually a conquest for dominion and power.

Prompting peace and prosperity by natural realm practices and methods such as intellectual development, journalistic disclosure, economic and social initiatives, military conquest, and philanthropy, has proven futile and disastrously contagious. No corner of humanity has managed to circumvent the signature achievements bequeathed by enlightenment, such as: sectarian conflict, criminal confiscation, nuclear proliferation, kidnapping, rape, mass murder, ethnic cleansing, abortion, and pernicious greed.

The human heart is the fertile abode where the Spirit of Light inculcates truth and gestates discernment. The sages of enlightenment, who consider the mind the seat of wisdom and propitious providence, lambast this position. Nevertheless, just as many consider sitting the new smoking, all had better recognize enlightenment as turbo charged deception, with turbo charged destructive potential.

Over two hundred years ago, her Majesties reluctant subjects chose to resist demands for tribute rationalized by deception. They possessed underwhelming resources and experiences with which to contend against overwhelming technology and organization. These reluctant colonists committed yet another subversive act when they disavowed self-providence to embrace the well familiar refuge of Spiritual Light. The miraculous power of truth was brought to bear in the natural realm against the agency of deception.

Victorious, the infant nation chose to begin its most seminal written expression of national creed with the words, “We hold these truths to be self evident”… The same nation is now challenged to lead a world in turmoil, not by bent of political, financial, or military swagger, but into the same Spiritual Light embraced at and before it’s founding. However, this nation must first resign its own world-class addiction to enlightenment and return to the Light.

In every arena of life and on every occasion, whether personal or private, each of us must determine under which spirit we are operating.

What the Jurist Saw


Recently the Supreme Court adjudicated the constitutionality of a Michigan law prohibiting consideration of race when determining admission to public institutions. While differences and dissension remain venerable prerogatives of the courts, these prerogatives are increasingly under attack by a culture that demands strict allegiance to red or blue orthodoxy. Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas (siding with the majority) and Sonia Sotomayor (joining the minority) saw the merits of Schuette vs. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action quite differently.

The Justice’s backgrounds have much in common to include: economic and social challenges surmounted by strong family values, hard work, and the audacity of self-reliance. Both are pioneers, having provided invaluable stewardship to radical new campus organizations; one helped to found the Black Students Union at Holy Cross, and the other served as co-chair of the Acción Puertorriqueña at Princeton. Both were courageous enough to fall in love and marry partners outside of their ethnic group.

Justices Sotomayor and Thomas know first hand the power and disquiet of access to the privileged sanctums of higher education, where each had to weather the shock of temporarily unpolished verbal fluency. Though graduates of Yale, arguably the most prestigious of Law Schools, both have voiced doubts about its imprimatur with regard to people like them. Initially, Justice Thomas served as an Assistant Attorney General in Missouri, and Justice Sotomayor a NYC Assistant District Attorney.

Though their backgrounds suggest otherwise, their opinions from the bench are usually conflicted. However, their positions on the merits of Michigan’s anti-affirmative action law might have been more similar had the question before the court focused explicitly on public benefit rather than the unstated, prior academic accomplishment. Granting priority admission to publicly supported institutions of higher education to those with superior prior academic accomplishment presumes to actualize highest return on public investment.

It would be absurd to consider an applicants prior academic record as other than a principled barometer of future performance (“merit”); most of whom are also distinguished beyond their demonstrated levels of intellectual accomplishment. Many also consider aversion to racial preferences (artificial denial) a principled position. There are other principled and relevant criteria. Private academic institutions and commercial businesses have reaped demonstrable value by broadly assessing applicants for admission and job candidates respectively. While public initiative purports to facilitate private initiative outcome, like the two Justices, these models in practice have little in common.

It’s difficult to discern best-use policies and practices under the influence of errant context materially altered by time and reformation. Fashioning prudent and actionable policy requires a clear understanding of what disciplines contemporary higher education experiences actually attend and their relationship to return-on-public-investment. Publicly supported education must act responsibly to endow public benefit over personal reward. The perception that current admissions policies reward certain applicants from the pubic coffers absent corresponding impact on public well-being, adds fuel to plaintiff’s rage before the court and energizes defendant’s determination to legally enshrine the practice.

A closer look at the critical disciplines attended by higher education is revealing. Three valuable related disciplines predominate, students learn more, how, and about. Students learn more regarding: specific subjects of interest, subjects in which they previous held no interest, and subjects that add value regardless of their personal interest. Students learn how to: study in a manner best suited to them personally, productively collaboration with others, prioritize time and effort, sacrifice and persevere. Students learn about: making social and professional connections, nurturing and leveraging connections, and integrating and transitioning connections.

Even though the wavelength of illumination can mislead (Darwin’s handicap), the merit and artificial denial arguments remain synergistic in that they are both exceedingly personal. They’ve also proven to be symbiotic. When merit is assessed apart from constructive correlation with all three critical higher education initiatives (more, how, about), it yields a relatively uniform intellectual pool, exacerbating structural denial. Reputable social science investigations both support and refute the notion that a critical mass from all groups adds unique value to educational experiences and outcomes. These conflicted findings likely reflect the confluence of artificial and structural denial (Michigan’s handicap).

Universities offer a range of challenging courses of study, well suited to correspondingly different degrees of intellectual giftedness and personal preparedness. Some argue that universities ought to be reorganized into but two schools-of-study, one for the study of mathematics and physics, and another for all other disciplines – often emerging nations first establish technology focused institutions of higher education to jump-start economic development, demonstrably beneficial to public interests. Predicating all admissions substantially on student applicants applied science aptitude would be brutally and irrationally exclusionary, even though it would be lawful to adopt just such a policy.

California practices a lawful form of macro-differentiated admissions. It places applicants into two merit based intellectual pools; each applicant is then guaranteed admission to either the University of California or California State University systems. What constitutes a best fit varies more broadly and differently than a single branch of preparedness. Though neither system currently differentiates admissions, for example by school-of-study, such an admissions letter might read: “congratulations you’ve been admitted to the School of Social Sciences, and wait-listed for the School of Public Administration; we regret to inform you that your application for admission to the School of Material Sciences has been declined”.

There are other lawful and beneficial approaches to broadening qualified applicant pools and higher return-on-public-investment, without resorting to artificial denial, or structural denial induced by uniform intellectual pools. The most successful American technology firm’s hire candidates from a far broader cross section of graduates than universities recruit applicants from. If the actual challenges faced by students within higher education were better reflected in both admissions criteria and recruitment efforts, merit and public interest outcome would be better aligned and likely more apparent.

Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Sonia Sotomayor have clearly excelled at learning more, how, and about, without which neither could hope to perform, as expected, above the standard. Haggling over whom to invest in apart from cogent assessment of how to best invest imperils formulation of policies suitable to realizing highest public benefit. Nevertheless, review and reconciliation of potentially discordant policies should not be entrusted to well intentioned all seeing Justices, unable to differentiate or resist exigent activism over scrupulous adjudication.

No Sides Just Eyes Wide Open


 It was neither the Best nor Worst of times; the People were confident, Leadership floundered

Despite legions of evidence and experience to the contrary, many in Washington believe higher taxes drive economic efficiency more so than good old-fashioned best in class American productivity. These seeing-eye economists presume two points; higher taxes will inspire investment and productivity, and higher taxes can actually be collected. In reality the genuinely rich remain the least likely to be affected by higher taxes.

Numerous studies, to include one published by the Hoover Institute, chronicle what happens when governments attempt to levy higher taxes on the rich. The article revealed that on one hand US tax rates were increased, but the rich still got their way. More than eighty percent of the income earned by those eligible to pay at the new higher tax rates vanished into thin air, as did the revenues the government had hoped to collect. Not surprisingly, vast amounts of money that might have been invested in the economy were instead invested in tax-exempt securities.

Corporations and individuals behave similarly with regard to taxes on their profits and incomes; no matter, the US Corporate tax rate remains the highest in the industrialized world. Today corporations and the rich have many legal options to shelter their earnings beyond the reach of carnivorous tax collectors, and individual tax exiles are younger than ever before.

The Wall Street Journal, citing a study which analyzed the public filings of the top 100 U.S. publicly trade companies, reported these firms have parked nearly 1.2 trillion dollars of profits in low tax jurisdictions abroad. Many G20 nations back a plan to overhaul international tax rules that today allow companies to shift their profits to lower-tax jurisdictions, regardless of where those profits were earned. The French having recently considered markedly raising taxes saw hundreds simply relocate into the welcoming arms of Belgium, even when required to pay an exit tax.

Washington remains committed to higher tax rates that don’t assure higher revenues, and a lack of clarity regarding fiscal policy, particularly spending. While both weigh heavily on business confidence and planning, spending controls are unlikely to prove potent absent meaningful economic expansion. Certain legislatively mandated spending increases have merely been delayed until a time when they might be less visible. No significant bankable spending reductions are in process other than dramatic reductions in overall military budgets – announced on the eve of Russia’s second armed invasion of an independent former Soviet state.

Fact Check projects U.S. total debt to double between 2009 and 2016, debt substantially driven by entitlement spending and interest payments on prior debt. Washington is addicted to printing and borrowing trillions to meet needs current productivity hasn’t. While the challenges are substantial, printing and borrowing in conjunction with phantom spending reductions can’t be described as leadership. Coupled with self-inflicted forfeitures of global influence and collaterally diminished national security, a radically altered vision of American greatness is emerging.

Leadership that embraced a cogent vision of historical American resilience and resolve would advance a plan that supports: reductions in debt, comprehensive entitlement reform, private sector managed initiatives to expand GDP, long term capital investment, increased fundamental R&D, incentives to promote study of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and maintenance of a preeminent but restrained military.

In a season where the challenges are many, serious, and varied, the American people are increasingly uninformed about domestic and global politics and events. This predilection for not knowing, dependence on entitlements, and addiction to conjecture about government-controlled redistribution of wealth, greatly expands the power of oracle Washington. Americans no longer have a shared faith, nor is acknowledgement or embrace of faith welcome in the public space.

A leaderless, uninformed, dependent, addicted, and faithless America, can still find it’s way anew, but this will require an immediate and urgent change of course consistent with past coordinates of greatness.

We Can Break Free of Race Grievance Treachery (Part 4 of 4)


“We do not live in the Past, but the Past in Us.”- U. B. Phillips

Choice: America is the most religiously plural, ethnically diverse, and socially mobile culture to arise in recorded history. The group that suffered sacrificially to insure these freedoms for all groups now denies the most precious of these to its own members. Its members must subscribe to a strict political orthodoxy and maintain a relationship with other groups that presuppose their ongoing victimization. All groups must disavow Race Grievance hustlers and advocate abiding respect for personal choice.

Equality: Human’s have both the largest brains and correspondingly broad and divergent interests by which to tax them. These interests are influenced and nurtured by diverse social and cultural imperatives, personal experiences, and talents. It is therefore unfathomable that those sharing similar influences would be expected to possess or pursue the same interests in identical proportions as those sharing different influences. Where influence converges, more often interests converge. Equality reflects ones right to pursue their personal interests, however it is not a measure of their success.

Feminism: Modern feminist dogma presented gender as a social construct. It assured women that despite career conflicts and biological clock issues, the feminist model would lead to more fulfilling relationships, not a battle of the sexes that no one would win. Feminism was particularly discordant for groups operating, often by necessity, in matriarchal models. All must recognize that men and women are equally gifted, talented, and deserving, yet they often possess different inspiration and aspirations. Femininity and masculinity both rock absent prefabricated agendas and limitations.

Standards: There are any number of products considered to be the class of their industry, some of which can also be directly associated with a particular group; “get theirs it’s the best”. The same can be said of functional and intellectual value added services; “hire them, they know how to handle it”. There are also groups that inspire mistrust and lack of confidence. Being the standard of one area delivers collateral benefits to other areas of endeavor; standards rarely succumb to pricing. No group can prosper without continually striving for standard status.

Civility: While youth should be afforded a right and time of passage, there are boundaries. Superfluous profanity, music containing explicit lyrics, invasive verbal levels, inappropriate public discussions, and confiscation of commercial facilities for other than their intended purpose, are vulgar displays of personal insecurity. Mutual disrespect is not the new civility. Consideration takes both personal confidence and courage.

Spirituality: Morality cannot be discerned by referendum or analysis of the benefits arising from specific human interaction and behavior. All people are endowed with an inalienable moral imperative, resisting and enforcing their strongest and most urgent inclinations. However, morality has two conflicted sources of inspiration, one based on truth, and the other on deception. Discernment is only possible in the light of relationship and revelation with the Creator.