Month: September 2021



A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within … Durant

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy … Saint John

Gravity induced Blackholes are possibly the greatest natural force in the Universe, strong enough to swallow a neutron star – the densest object in the universe – in a split-second. Einstein postulated that gravity held invisible but sufficient power to prod, warp, bend, push, and pull -space itself. Simply put, this means light could appear to be coming from a direction that it wasn’t originally. Einstein’s postulate impugned the theories of the giants of science of that age, for which in part he suffered a season of professional derision. Confirmed by indisputable forensic evidence, the truth of Einstein’s postulate prevailed; a Noble Prize would follow but no apology.

Job to his Protagonist: Do you know where light comes from and where darkness lives

Ideology is perhaps the greatest unnatural force operating in the earth realm. Propagated by deception, ideology has the power to induce economic, political, social, and cultural preferences that invisibly disambiguate moral engagement between the Soul and Spirit. Deception, the patron saint of Ideology, gives rise to delusion (disinclination to truth), division (aversion to unity), and finally disaster (animus towards others and its own). Ideology impugns interest unaligned with its amoral plans and purpose, provoking resistance that disavows the indisputable and disparages the undeniable. Amoral Ideology grants itself immunity to all forms of accountability.

While feigning Blackhole power – Amoral Ideology can only achieve its Will by Deception

Ideology offers premier privileges, proximity, and barrels of booty brimming with passions and pleasures, especially to stewards in position to disabuse the high ground they influence or superintend. These self-certified Elite include many barons and princesses of government, academia, science, journalism, media, and business. Deluded by their proximity to power, such Elites have little appreciation of their own pending vulnerability. Amoral Ideology exerts the same invisible force on seemingly well-fortified Elites as blackholes exert invisibly on neutron stars; the outcome for both is capitulation, capture, and cancelation.

Power Corrupts Absolutely – and Shacks with – Wanting What We Want

Few who chance sticking a toe or a vote into the abyss of amoral ideology possess the constitution to escape its psychological and spiritual conscription. Delusion and division serve amoral ideology well; non-elites determined to avoid the emotional commotion of cancelation self-certify as asymptomatic-conscripts. They keep their amoral ideology membership cards, badges, tee shirts, caps, posters, and yard signs at the ready. A notable tech giant CEO declared that “if you are receiving an internet facilitated benefit for free, you are the product”. Similarly, Elites and asymptomatic-conscripts are the carbon-based fuel stock from which ideology mines energy and momentum. Elites and Conscripts are oblivious to the fact that the deception they endlessly ingest – is a powerful comorbidity on the path to their delusion, division, and disaster.

Elite Prayer Points : Permanent Privilege – Plausible Denial – Pandemic Preservation : Amen

Integrity is anathema to Amoral Ideology, whether on behalf of itself or others. Integrity invokes commitment to standards that reflect and preserve equity without regard to power or position. In this regard: Government is tasked to attend the will of the people aligned with constitutional prerogative and precepts. Academia must reverence intellectual rigor and distinguish qualified points of view from those marinated in self-interests. Science must give preference to beneficial research while plumbing the depths of scientific inquiry, and cogent vetting and peer review.

Deception defoliates Receptors necessary to Empathize with the Interests of Others

Journalism and Media arose ostensibly to advance distribution of content (e.g., information and entertainment) having broad mutual identity of interest. Therein both hold a solemn trust to preserve the integrity of that they present. This trust is critical given society is inherently more vulnerable to the volume of the platform than the veracity of its messaging. In this regard: Journalism is obligated to impartially qualify its representations and vet corroborating sources; Media must avoid blurring the lines – between news and opinion, documentary and fiction, and reality and fantasy – to amplify certain points of view or serve ideological aspirations.

Amoral Ideology has drawn Journalism and Media into the Blockhole of its own Interests

The U.S. constitution, in place for nearly 250 years, has heretofore managed to adeptly navigate the permanently uncharted fiords of free speech on behalf of the presumed noble and nefarious. Journalism and Media now attend the interests of Government, Academia, and Science over the interests of the people. Meanwhile, unquenchable user addiction and global platforms have fortified assent of an openly predatory Cabal from within the larger technology federation. The Tech-Cabal thrives on surveillance and prodigious control of user engagement-instances. It powerfully influences the messaging and economic prospects of Journalism and Media, and therein Government, Academia, and Science (“concubines”). The Tech-Cabal is emerging as the true super ideology-spreader of the age – setting aside the will and interests of its subservient users and concubines – who are too addicted and delusional to offer material resistance.

The Tech-Cabal not Government will control Adjudication of Compliance Platforms

Deception promulgated by amoral ideology inseminates by means of words (e.g., Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, and Zedong). Its diabolical intent seeks to attain nation state standing (e.g., USSR, Cuba, Laos, Vietnam, and Venezuela). Without exception such nation states experience broad spiritual delusion, ethnic and social division, and disastrous disintegration. Presently, orderly transition of power within the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is being challenged by the incumbent by means of threats and coercion to appropriate permanent dictatorial control. His efforts to control the Chinese Tech-Cabal are as critical to his success as control of the military.

Controlling independent Communications and Organizations is critical to Amoral Ideology

The Tech-Cabal presents itself as a majestic archetype of American ingenuity, industriousness, and perseverance, rather than an end-times Digital Beast nourished on a diet of H1B Visas, Monopoly Power, and Surveillance Capital. The Tech-Cabal agenda and interests are called forth by diabolically amoral spiritual agency. The move of Elites, Conscripts, and Concubines from a state of delusion to maniacal division, has further emboldened the strong hand of the Tech-Cabal. The Tech-Cabal is further consolidating its control of the means to disseminate and sequester information, and to punish. The Tech-Cabal can – and with precision – suborn the thoughts, intent, and expectations of individuals, communities, and nation states. Tech-Cabal concubines appear to be awaking from their deception induced stupor to realize that they like all resistors are vulnerable to the digital whip wielded by the strong hand of the Tech-Cabal Cancelation Gestapo.

Lured by Selfish-Interest (click bate) – they now remain for Self-Survival (ad clicks)

Because biblically corroborated truth is kryptonite to amoral Ideology, the voices of truth must be suppressed while those of deception must be magnified. Because truth has inherent spiritual authority – it impugns amoral ideology where and whenever they meet. Truth resides and reins in the spirit realm where victorious outcome is certain. Truth harbors the same power in the natural realm – but the devices and voices of amoral ideology must be directly confronted. Truth has far greater power against amoral ideology in the natural than votes or budgets. Truth strips amoral ideology of the veils it adorns to conceal the fact it transacts exclusively in deception.

The Tech-Cabal does not fear Institutions or Personalities – only Truth

The ordained barrister of truth in the natural realm is not a person nor organization but a collaborative embodiment called the “church”. This, the most important collaborative gathering since the Upper Room, has essentially traded its birthright for front row seats on the merry-go-round of deceptive ideology. The church, called to the scene of the most daunting spiritual battle of the age has refused to tender table stakes. Addicted to injectable theology and lines of amoral ideology, its spiritual standing is near forfeiture; a new young collaborative is being summoned.

The Young Have a Powerful History: Joshua, Ruth, David, Martha, Martin, Rosa … You

Ideological or otherwise, the primordial purpose amorality serves is the overthrow of the Creator and annihilation of the crown jewel of His creation; you. This quest is inspired by evil spiritual agency whose power derives exclusively from words groomed – as it was in the beginning – on the plains of beguiling subterfuge. Amoral ideology is annexing the powers of indoctrination (Government, Academia, Science) and communication (Journalism, Media, and Technology), yet the church shelters in silence, depriving Conscripts of biblical truth – their only path to awakening.

Amoral Ideology: deceives and depresses – divides and disrupts – devastates and cannibalizes

Amoral ideology – the inspiration for despotic power and control – can only operate in the present in its quest to foment eternal calamity. Biblical morality – the fountainhead of love, liberty, and grace – operates in the past, present and eternity simultaneously. The essence of dissension between these two world views is revealed by the biblically informed declaration that all men are “created” – full stop. The Nation anointed and appointed a light unto the world need only abide by and share the truth – while avoiding the wrong fights. The decision you make, choosing one path over the other, is the most important one you’ll ever make – but choose you must!

The Spirit of Life from which biblical morality arises – has already routed the Spirit of Evil