Abduction By Obstruction

Abduction By Obstruction

Silence is Fueling the Fight

By His sovereign election, a loving God took the unfathomable risk of granting free-will to men and women. Therefore they have authority to conduct their lives in accordance with the revelations arising from God’s Word, or solely in accordance with the dictates of their conscience. Each has been granted this divine discretion, and is accordingly held solely and personally accountable for their choices.

Those who appease their preconceived opinions or feelings by diminishing the free-will of another to choose yea or nay, act beyond their authority. Every man has the right to be shielded from the tyrannical abduction of personal choice and prerogative at the hands of another, whether inspired by pernicious prejudice or presumptive providence.

Free will discharged in the light of God’s Word is never an accomplice to obstruction of divine discretion. Respectful accommodation of the exercise of divine discretion by another does not require nor infer complicity, and cogent consideration can be extended without endorsement. Respectful accommodation absent complicity, endorsement, or both, does not confirm xenophobia.

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