We Can Break Free of Race Grievance Treachery (Part 2 of 4)



“Everybody has asked the question . . . ‘What shall we do with the Negro?’ I have had but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us! Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us. Do nothing with us!” – Frederick Douglass

The Zimmerman case became a race case after it was re-released by the Race Grievance Industry, whose multi-racial race-hustler staff includes media pundits, scavenger politicos, and grievance carpetbaggers. The case was billed as “the new age lynching of a genteel black boy by a rabidly racist white man”, a Race Grievance hustler blockbuster. Never mind Zimmerman is as Hispanic as President Obama is Black, but race hustlers know nothing plays or pays like white on black conflict. The only jurors to have spoken both said “the case was never about race”.

Afterward a Juror said the trial felt to her “like a publicity stunt”

The President was right; Trevon could have been him, a prospect even more likely in cities such as Flint, Detroit, New Orleans, St. Louis, Baltimore, Birmingham, Newark, Oakland, Baton Rouge, Cleveland, Memphis and a host of others to include his hometown of Chicago. In these cities and others like them, such heartbreak abounds. These victims are seldom represented by more than a case-number juxtaposed with the case-numbers of other homicide victims. These victims hold no attraction for attention-addicted and capital-craving Race Grievance hustlers; these victims and their assailants are predominantly black.

In America, race hustling has achieved market status, boasting industry leaders, fast followers, and ample opportunity for all who can hold their noses tightly and long enough. Like hedge funds that bet against products they might own (buying insurance predicated on failure of the underlying securities), Race Grievance hustlers place bets only where they control exacerbation of racial animus and indignation. Like the private trading desk of commercial banks, the Race Grievance hustlers provide benefits to a select few at the expense of the much larger constituency it purports to serve. Tragically, true racial grievances are subsumed in the camouflage and mirage of the capital hustle.

In America, even artificial racial conflict infuses tragedy with staying power like nowhere else in the western world. Race Grievance hustlers provide all communities synthetic opportunities to both brandish and cloak their hate, and ample occasions for certain communities to lament and pay tribute to their abiding sense of guilt. Certain tragedies become race hustler gold mines when marinated in racial animus; like fracking for oil or gas, verdicts for or against offer huge indignation exploitation potential.

Race Hustlers are far more motivated by Celebrity and Capital than Justice or Peace

A powerful weapon wielded by Race Grievance hustlers to hold sway over their willing and unwilling supplicants is unrelentingly enforced silence. Silence is enforced by the fear of cultural death sentences that can’t be appealed, where some are declared Racist and yet others Race Traitors. However, Race hustlers don’t require those who harbor hate or guilt to maintain corresponding political or social allegiance, they consider doing nothing the most valuable contribution a supplicant can make.

Many succumb to this code of silence out of fear that others who also observe the code may be informers in waiting, and after watching resisters and the imprudent cower before Race Grievance hustlers begging for restoration or clemency. Should one be sentenced after a trail by slander, no matter their former stature, the rabid race hustler infantry will declare jihad on the transgressor’s reputation and on those who dare to remain in relationship. As in the Soviet Gulag era, one could suffer the wrath of the race hustler infantry for merely considering an opinion or option different that they espouse.

Race Grievance Hustlers and their Cohorts drive all Americans further from Relationship

Race Grievance hustlers who can foment hate realize much more enduring and broader control (nuclear weapon) than those who can only foment guilt (conventional weapon). Fear of Race Grievance hustlers has been inculcated within the culture and fabric American communities and political movements. Most Race Grievance hustlers are first anointed by media pundits as spokespersons for a particular group or cause. Top tier Race Grievance hustlers are often elected to office on the winds of pundit endorsement. Whether liberal or conservative, neither bothers to respond to constituent demands, instead commanding their emotional, intellectual and ultimately spiritual submission.

Just as derivative-instruments affect and exploit zero sum securities volatility, race hustlers affect and rely on both inwardly and outwardly focused relationship volatility. When inwardly focused constituents develop diminished respect for one another, and when outwardly focused groups see all other groups as rivals. To resist, individuals must first grasp an appreciation of the divinely human and wonderful gift of free will they possess, and then exercise it to begin to form a personal cultural polarity and presence.

Nevertheless, beware that a simple declaration that you prefer to grant the benefit of due process to all when possible before judging, or daring to exercise your political right be a staffer for a group disapproved by the Race Grievance hustlers assigned to superintend your thoughts and actions, carries the potential that you might be suspended from or declared not to be an authentic member of the group.

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